Is my Chiropractor adjusting me properly

HiI have recently been under the care of a Chiropractor with problems mainly in my SI joint and also some neck probs.My question is: How do I know if my Chiropractor is good or not. I have had Chiropractic care for years and this is a fairly new DR. When he does adjustments on my back with me on my side, bottom leg straight and top leg bent, I don’t seem to feel like anything is moving as I have in previous adjustments from another DR. Also when I have an adjustment I have been in pain for a few days following the adjustment. As I said I am being treated for SI joint probs and I have been recently having some symptoms in my genitals that I am wondering if they are related to my adjustments and if he is causing me some damage as opposed to helping me. Have you heard of this before, should I seek out a different Chiropractor? Please help I am worried that he is not adjusting me properly!!!

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    Your description of his set up sounds fine but it is impossible to determine if he is adjusting you properly without seeing the actual adjustment. But here is the bottom line…you are the patient and you have to be happy. If you’re not then find another DC who will make you happy. Ask friends for recommendations. I have no doubt that he or she is out there. And Kudos to you for realizing that the problem may be with this individual chiropractor and NOT with chiropractic.


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