Knee Pain – ACL Repair

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I had a football injury in 1987 that tore my ACL from the bone on one end and did mild meniscus damage.
It is now 15 years later and I have a numb pain from time to time just to the inside of my knee cap.
If I bend my leg all the way back (heel to buttocks), it is tender in the area just inside my knee cap.
It will somewhat “lock up” about every month or so.
It is not physically locked up, but it feels like a numb pain and like someone is pulling my knee cap up.
I have been able to play sports, run, bike since my rehab was over in 1988. Any suggestions?
I was planning to make an appointment with an orthepedic surgeon/ possibly an MRI.


    Terry Robinson PT

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    Sound like you may have some arthrits is you knee area. Get an xray/mri then start aggressive rehab.


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    I tore my ACL when I was 12 and a month later tore my Meniscus. I later found out that I completely severed my ACL. I know am 13 and Have my Meniscus repaired but the doctors said to wait until I was done growing before I could get my ACL repaired. I’m doing growing now and getting anxious for the surgery but also curious about the procedure. How long is rehab? how long do I have to wear a brace? and finally, How do I know whether I will have a cadaver or tendons taken from my hamstring? Thank you.Kylie


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