neck curvature

I lost the curve in my neck.
I’m not sure if it was accident caused or lifestyle, but it is gone.
I have spoken to a few Chiro’s all seem hopeful to restore telling me three times a week for several months and then once a week or two for the rest of my life.
I am in pain and scared about degeneration and arthritis down the road.
I have had 46 adjustments and no change in my neck that I can see, but my Chiro didn’t take measurements.
It is realistic to expect my neck curve to come back and be maintained without spending thousdands every year on Chiro care?
I only have slight degeration in C6. Anyone ever experience this and have success in restoring the curve? Are you able to maintain the curve? How often do you go and what methods were used? Thanks for any feedback.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Amy my name is Dr. Gambale and I was very imprest of your condition. I am a chiropractor for over 22 years and my resourch is the Spinal curve posture. Your neck curve can be improwed or corrected. Please give a look at my web site for more information on how you can recuperate the curve loss in your neck. Also fell free to contact me at 877-602-7248 toll free or email me at [email protected] regardsCurvesolutios team Dr. Gambale


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