I have very flat feet with severe pronation.A few years ago I received what were called “custom orthotics” during treatment for low back, neck & hip pain through a DC.
The orthotics were made by the bio-foam impression.
Recently I saw a podiatrist, who is a former DC, and was told that a true custom fit orthotic must be made by casting (plaster of paris) with the foot in the subtalar neutral position. This makes sound logical sense to me.
Anatomically it seems the most appropriate to me.
However everywhere on the internetit seems people are selling “custom orthotics” using bio-foam impressions.
I would appreciate any comments you have regarding casting & types of orthotics etc.
I would truly value another professional opinion before I spend $400 on new orthotics.
I am a 35 yr. old male, 6 feet in height and weigh 170 lbs.
I am as active and fit as my low back pain and musculo-skeletal problems allow. I am unable to enjoy sports (running,golf, basketball) due to my aches and pains to the capacity I would like to.
Thanks so much for your input.Roger Chapin

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    I would be very skeptical to buy ‘custom’ orthotics over the internet. There is nothing better than to have your podiatrist or pedorthotist cast you for a custom fit. Everyone knows the impression orthotics using foam are not very accurate in obtaining a proper impression of the foot. Go to a professional and forget about trying to order orthotics on the net.Al Kline DPMpodassociates


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