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Im currentely a sophmore at Lock Haven University, PA. I’m going to become a physical therapist, I just don’t know how yet. I’ve looked into different grad schools, but none seem to accept a pre-physical therapy degree, which lock haven offers. How do I get from a pre-pt to a masters or doc.? I have yet to talk to an advisor on this matter, so I thought you could give me an idea.



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    If I were you, I would think long and hard before switching majors to PT. All of the PTs that I know are fed up with the profession, especially because of insurance reimbursement changes, and excessive paperwork. They are now working longer and harder than ever to make a decent living. They cannot treat their patients like they want to because the insurance companies are cutting down the allowed number of visits and modalities which they will pay for. You might want to either stay in Athletic Training (a still small, but rapidly growing profession) or consider something like the Physician Assistant program. Pharmacists are also really in demand, and they get paid very well.

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    Folks get into PT for what they really love..helping people. Yes, things have changed but the base is the same. Go for your dreams, I did and I don’t regret it one bit! I have been a physical therapist for 11 years.


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