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On 12/29 I was in an automobile accident and both of my feet were broken (right foot- ankle bone broken through skin, three fractures, and tendon damage left foot- eight fractures). I am suffering with numbness and tingling in the last two toes on my right foot. I cannot seem to find a comfort zone with this foot. Is this normal? My left foot tends to stay swollen more often than the right. Is there anything to do for the swelling other than elevation and ice? Trying to get the feet comfortable to sleep is no picnic. Is there any type of pillowed tool for the feet to relax with?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I would consider getting a TENS or SPORTX from Rehabilicare. Your doctor would need to arrange for this though. Theses are electrical devices to help with the pain and the Sportx helps pump out swelling.


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