Re: Side of Foot Pain

Did you ever end up figuring out what the problem was?
That sounds like the same thing that is going on with my right foot.
It just started hurting one day out of nowhere.
I’ve given it plenty of time, but it is not going away.
By the end of the day, it is fine and the area of pain can only be found by applying pressure to it with my fingers, but every morning when I wake up, it hurts so badly, that I can’t walk at all at first.
It hurts on the side of my foot, but not near the sole, more towards the top of the foot, in line with the front of my leg if you traced it down.
My sister in university for pysiotherapy scoffed when I suggested plantar fasciitis.
I’m wondering if it is maybe cuboid syndrome.
I’m still waiting on a ride to the doctor, as I don’t drive, and am unable to hop there 🙂


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