Seperated A-C joint: What therapy?

I’ve seperated my right A-C joint three times. The first included a complete break of the clavicle. The second was minor, and the most recent has failed to re-attach. My clavicle floats under my skin at the joint. I can push it into place but it pops back when I release. Is there any method to help this heal? I’m athletic so I’d rather not get the operation to remove the end. As of now however, it feels as if it’s completely detached anyhow. What exercises can I do, if any, to help it reattach? Thank you.

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    There are many exercises of the shoulder girdle that can help stabilize the upper quarter to some degree. but if you have a true ac joint separation, you have probably torn or significantly sprained the ligament that keeps that joint approximated. muscle strength alone cant keep that joint together. Seek the medical advise of your local orthopedic surgeon(MD). He or she may give you a prognosis regarding conservative treatment including PT and perhaps some taping to assist in stability.


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