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back/shoulder/leg pain.


I am having a lot of trouble with my back.
Some times I get to where I can’t move and have pain down my left side. Recently I have been experiencing pain in the upper chest up into my left shoulder and down my arm.
My doc says it is not a heart problem.
She feels it is due to the scoliosis pulling on that side.
I am also experiencing pain starting at the hip and going to the toes, pain in my lower back on both sides, pain in the back of shoulders and down the top left side of my back.
They put me in physical therapy in which they did not do x-rays first and now I am just having body pain everywhere. Especially on the left side.
What is going on or what should I do?


  1. I have spasm only on me left side of my body. It feels like a knife stabbing me in my shoulder. My two middle fingers feel like their coming apart.The back of sensored down the back of my calf feels like some one is holding on to my muscle and they don’t want to release them. I went to the doctor and I found out that the [cis] was just an absest. I’m on medication but I still having the same horrible pain.

  2. : I am having pain with the upper left side of my back, arm, and chest. At time i get sharp pain on the left side of my chest where my heart is and at times it’s not sharp,but i fell the pain there.There are times that i have pain down my left arm. I did blood work and my doctor said it was fine what can this be?