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Broken Finger?


I believe I broke my index finger a couple months ago while helping move a refrigerator (got smashed) I am unemployed and have always seen people with a broken finger just get it immobilized with a splint by a Doctor.
So I figured rather than spend the money going to a doctor I would let it go and hopefully it would heal.
The swelling which was quite bad has all but disapeared and I can use it for the most part. Although it still will not bed all the way. feels tight and hurts if I try.
Will the eventually get better? Or am I gonna need to get a doctor to do something horrible like rebreak it and set it or something.

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  1. yeah ive had the same problem and i have to crack it every then and now to make it feel more comfortable- i dont think surgery with plates and all is necessary but is the cracking and moving around ok? do you know any exercises i can do, or do you have any suggestions?