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Broken heel


My wife has broken her heel and is due to have an operation within the next few days. If the operation is sucessful, how long is it normally following the operation is the patient discharged from hospital.My wife is a teacher. What is the normal recovery period for this type of injury?


  1. hi doc,i fell from a 9ft ladder 23 mths ago–suffered compressed calcaneal fracture of the right heel-was treated witha plaster cast for 7 weeks–started walking after eight week–limp,pain in the heel,inflammed heel and ankle–can’t do normal activity–swelling increases–any solution? pl help me!!

  2. Unfortunately, there is no simple or “always” answer to this. It depends on the patient, their health, the type of fracture, the success of the repair, the patient’s expected activity level after healing, etc. The doctor who is doing the repair is best able to give an assessment.Having said all of this, I would guess it will be a number of months.