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hyperextended elbow


My son hyperextended his elbow in a wrestling match. What should I do to minimize the pain and should it be wraped, immoblized or left alone or what?

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  1. I think I might have a hyperextended elbow. It happened during a lift and I am in pain when I straighten my arm I dry a car with manual transmission and shifting is also painful. This happened this morning and I don’t know what to do to help minimize the pain.

  2. When was it done…ice 15-20 minutes every hour if needed to control pain and swelling. Avoid heavy lifting, pushing, pulling and wrestling for a few weeks. He should try to bend and straighten it to his tolerance5-10 reps a few tines a day. He should also try to turn his hand to the ceiling and to the floor. BUT…has he been x-rayed to see if he has no fracture or any other pathology??? NO WEIGHT LIFTING> Let it rest and heal…this could take 4-6 weeks, especially when the tendons were pulled, such as a hyperextension injury.