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I dont know what si wrong with my ankle/lower leg?


I have a question on what you think I might have done to my ankle/lower leg. I was playing around in my basement and tried to kick a ball out from under someone and I hit their knee instead. I had a bruise, the size of at least two softballs, on the inside of my right leg, where the tibia is located. The bruise was there for at least a month then it went away but my leg continued to hurt. I played basketball on it for 3 months with it still hurting and now I am starting track. It hurts but I didnt really tell anyone about it hurting until now! Please reply and tell me what u think could be wrong with it. There is no bruise or visable sign of something wrong. It hurts when I walk, run and put pressure on it. Sometimes it hurts just when I am sitting down doing nothing. Please reply ASAP!


  1. Without seeing the area and getting further tests, I can only guess that you possibly could have had a fracture, or had a significant bruise, possibly a hematoma that did not heal properly. Your best bet is to see a podiatrist or orthopedist.