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increasing my height


I have 17 years old and I would like toknow on increasing my height, preferably without surgery or for the even a scarless.Please,

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  1. i need to get taller, i am too short for my age i am only about 5 ft 5 and i need to be taller. can you offer me some help on something that could possibly or could increase my height? thanks

  2. : : hi ,: : i am harjot from indiai m 20 years male of 5feet 2 inchesplease tell me how to increase my height through exerciseshow much can i increase plz tell the the duration of each exercisethankyou

  3. im 22 years old im only 4`11, im really ashamed because of my height im also wondering y me in our family even in all our relatives got this small height,i had already tried some aparatus on how to increase my height but i didn`t work.i just want to ask som advice, a natural way like exercise no aparatus or drugs involved.i hope u give me solutions to this problem begging u coz im really desperate.tnx!

    • i am 22 years old and i am only 4’11.Is there any way that u can grow taller and faster because i hate being this short.I have to have a pillow on the seat while im driving and my pants never fit at all.I wish that there is a solution to my problem because i hate being like this,it makes me more depressed,and low about myself.Im not taking seriously and i could never really look anybody in the eye unless we were sitting.A lot of people think that im still a little kid and i’ve been turn down on job oppertunity because of my apperance of height.Please help me if u have a solution to my horrible problem,I know it’s not the end of the world being short but just once I would like to feel happier!!!

  4. sir, i am 15 yrs. old and my height is 5ft.2.5 inches, i want to know whether my height is normal or not.please advise some natural way to increase height immidiately.

  5. hi im 13 years old and comming on to 6ft I want to be a basketball player when im older anyways i was wondering if there is any method to do so.

  6. im 17 years old boy…gettin interesting to increasing my 5 feet 8 inches..but im not totally can i increase my height without taking drugs or supplement even a can be an exercise…please help me fix my problem..will you?

  7. hi i am suffering and ashamed of my self because of my hiehgti am height of 5.2age of 21weight 45 kgsi want to increase my height can u help me in this please guide me in exercise and diet control plz help me sir thanking you

  8. i m 17 years old and still have no shave and my all friends are having normal shave and also my height is only 5.2″ help me out Thank you

    • : i m 17 years old and still have no shave.Although i grow very few hair on my cheeks and hav a shave on my mutache and chin area.all of my friends have normal shave.please help me in this Thank you

  9. hi, I am 21 years old and my hignt is 5.4 so i am not feeling good when sit with my friends who have 6. so is any suggestions or any tablets or any exercises or any product which you kno.please tell me. i will be very great full to you

  10. my leg is tall but my upper body is dramatically short, whenever I were my pant or shorts, it looks as if it comes all the way to my stomach like old folks.

  11. hey, im feeling let down because of my height. im 5’4 and im 16. id like increase my height at least by 5 inches. can you help me? thnx

  12. I am 17 years old and I would like to know to increas my height, preferably without surgery. Please must help me as I am in very much need for that. ! i need help

  13. Hi,
    I am 15 year old girl. I am in ninth and my heightis stunted. Please help me and let me kno wif there are any side effects of growth hormones.

  14. why don’t you try to jumping rope 6000 times everyday and see what happens. just avoid using weights especially your upper body, it pushes your body down.

  15. hi ,i am chandrakant from india. I am 22 years old and having heigt of 5feet and 6 inches. I want to increase my height atleast by 4 inches. Please guide me about exercise and diet.
    thanking you yours chandrakant, india.

  16. hi i am 16 years old and i am 5’10 i want 2 be at least 6 ‘2 so i cud try out for nba but my height isnot increasing as fast as i want.please help me out!!

  17. I’m 20 years old.i’m 164 cms in height.i feel a bit shorter when compared to my friends.Kindly suggest me certain tips.thanks,dhakshina

  18. Being tall is not as great as it seems. Being taller means you will be clumsier and less agile. There are upsides too, just as there are upsides to being small (more nimble, quick,etc.). You should be aware of this..

  19. Am 23 and I would like to increase my height. I am very short and my friends make fun of me. Is there any way this can be done?

  20. i am 21 years old gal. My height is 5’1″. I want that it should be atleast 2″ more. kindly advice me some exercises(ones which i can do staying back at my home) please Thanks