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itchy legs


everytime I try to go running my legs get so itchy that I want to puke, what causes this and will it ever go away. let me know what I can do.


  1. – I don’t know why I didn’t google this condition before, it’s amazing how we often think we’re the only one’s who suffer from something when there are billions of us in the world. When I saw this thread I wanted to cry because like others have said I realized I am not alone. It is such a relief but my heart goes out to all of you who experience this because I understand how fully excruciating it can be.I remember when I was a child running down a mountain on a hike with other kids and when we stopped my whole body itched horribly. I remember being shocked and felt scared. Ever since then I have experienced itching when walking and running but for me it happens only in cold weather and humid hot weather not in dry warm weather, believe me I am aware of every instance as you all probably are of when it occurs. For me it is not from lack of exercise but lack of warmth on the surface of my skin (at least I think). I guess this would be cold-induced cholinergic urticaria, but that might not explain the dampness setting it off in warm weather. I am currently in acupuncture school and now that I know what the cause of it is in western terms I am going to present it to a supervisor and ask them how they would treat it. So far acupuncture has not failed me so I will let you all know if it helps. As a personal choice I do not want to take any antihistamines so hopefully I can find relief alternatively.

  2. Hi MSI know this is an old conversation but I just stumbled across it while searching for ‘itchy legs’. I’ve been athletic all my life and competed in various sports. Things like squash, rowing, rugby and hockey never bothered me but if I didn’t run (continous running) for a week or two I would experience itching when I went back at running, but only continous running or even walking briskly. Now 20 years later I can’t run a block without this awful itching. It starts in my lower legs and works it’s way up to include most of my body if I continue. I’ve suffered from a lot of injuries in my time but this itching is torture and painful. I’ve tried anithistamines and various things but nothing works. Now I’m overweight and discouraged. I can’t play squash in this condition and yet the things I used to do to stay in condition i.e. running, I can no longer do. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only person with this affliction but I’d love to know what causes and how I can deal with it.Regards,Richard

  3. I just stumbled upon this while searching google for itchy legs when walking. I just got back into the office from walking to the bank and my legs look like a cat attacked me. I’ve had this problem since I was around 14, I’m 21 now and I’ve noticed that it happens more when I’m exercising less frequently. When my feet hit the ground this burning itching sensation comes over my legs and thighs and I have to stop and scratch. I have to walk to other offices for my job and I keep coming back with red, bumpy, scratched legs. I don’t know what to do besides more exercise.

  4. : Hi,: I get the same thing too! My legs itch so bad I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks I am crazy! It seems to be the vibration of walking that actually causes the itching. My legs have been like this for as long as I can remember. It has always keps my work outs short. Some one said to me that it is some time of allergic reaction caused by heat/vibration, and to try an anit-hitamine before walking or jogging. I haven’t tried it yet because I thought they were crazy. I did look up some info on the internet, and it seem that they may be on to something. Now if I can just remember to buy some when I go to the store, I’ll let you know if it works.

    • OMG, I can’t believe this happens to other people! I completely was convinced it was just me. MY legs get soo itchy when I’m walking or running, outside or in a gym, no matter the temp. I just have to run home and scratch and rub my legs. If I am walking for long enough, it will move up my legs to my bottom. It’s torture. I feel so bad for my dog. He really loves long walks, but I just can’t take it. I’m convinced it has to do with poor circulation, and the impact of the feet hitting the pavement. I’m going to try to stretch more and massage my legs before I start. I hate taking antihistamines because they make me really tired. Hope we find a remedy guys!

      • Ok guys. I have had the same problem for a decade and I finally saw an allergist that didn’t tell me I was crazy. To make a really long story short, I have been taking Zyrtec for six months and I have been able to run the last three with NO itching at all. Give Zyrtec it a try for a couple of months. I take it at night and it has been able to let my body control the histamines in my body.I was actually diagnosed with an allergy to vibration and exercise which sounded ridiculous considering my active lifestyle. It is nice to finally be able to run again.The email listed is my super-throwaway spam account. FYI

  5. I am only 17, but I have had the this un-godly “itchy leg syndrom/vibration” in my legs since i was 7. My mom tells me that nothings wrong with me, that i just need to excercise more. I am not active in sports or anything but I do walk to and from work everyday, thats about a half a mile. For me it happens in any weather condition, but it really bothers me during the winter if i walk for more than 10 minutes. I do not get hives, but just this burning vibration which makes my legs really hot and i have to stop and “rake” my legs with my nails until i break the skin. Once during the winter, I actually had to take my jeans off infront of a lot of people and walk home in the shorts that i had underneath because it bothered something terrible. It also happens to me during the summer if i walk long distances. I stopped going to my friends house because she lives a mile a way and the only way i can get to her is by walking. by the time i get to her house i am in tears. Today I decided to google “Itchy legs when walking” and i am glad i did. I had no idea that anyone else went through this until today. None of my friends or family have this issue. I read on a site that it may have to do with how hard you walk and poor circulation, but to my knowlege my circulation is fine and it happens when i walk gentle too. I was actually wondering if anyone knew whether it had something to do with the fact that i am anemic.I first thought it was dry skin so i lotioned a lot and drank lots of water. That didnt stop the itch. When i told my doctor, he told my mom in a nice way that it was in my head. I hope something comes up soon.

  6. I am only 17, but I have had the this un-godly “itch leg syndrom/vibration” in my legs since i was 7. My mom tells me that nothings wrong with me, that i just need to excercise more. I am not active in sports or anything but I do walk to and from work everyday, thats about a half a mile. For me it happens in any weather condition, but it really bothers me during the winter if i walk for more than 10 minutes. I do not get hives, but just this burning vibration which makes my legs really hot and i have to stop and “rake” my legs with my nails until i break the skin. Once during the winter, I actually had to take my jeans off infront of a lot of people and walk home in the shorts that i had underneath because it bothered something terrible. It also happens to me during the summer if i walk long distances. I stopped going to my friends house because she lives a mile a way and the only way i can get to her is by walking. by the time i get to her house i am in tears. Today I decided to google “Itchy legs when walking” and i am glad i did. I had no idea that anyone else went through this until today. None of my friends or family have this issue. I read on a site that it may have to do with how hard you walk and poor circulation, but to my knowlege my circulation is fine and it happens when i walk gentle too. I was actually wondering if anyone knew whether it had something to do with the fact that i am anemic.I first thought it was dry skin so i lotioned a lot and drank lots of water. That didnt stop the itch. When i told my doctor, he told my mom in a nice way that it was in my head. I hope something comes up soon.

  7. I, too, have this problem. All it takes is 10 minutes into running, and my legs would start to itch miserably, then slowly the itching will to my arms, and soon all over my body. If it’s windy or anything lower than 50 degree, the itchy is even worse with a longer recovering period. Because of this, I don’t run. The itching has to do with the histamined released in the blood. In my case, the releasing of the histamine is cause by the foot vibration and also the increase in blood ciculation and temperature. I am not a doctor, but from my own observation and reading, this is what happen to me each and everytime. I noticed that I developed this “allergy” since I was 12, and I am now 29, and it’s getting worse as I am getting older. I take Claratin, but it doesn’t seem to help anymore. I also get hives when I walk in the cold, when there is sudden extreme temperature change, eat almost any kind of food like strawberries, peach, garlic, consume alcohol, eggs, watermelon, most fishes, shrimps, caffeine, nicotine, aspirin, certain medicines, candle scents, perfume, cosmetics, and a lot more. I even get itchy when I take hot shower and the slightest scratch would be visibly red on my back. Let’s just say that I have to deal with hives and some form of itchiness at least 1 hour a day. I noticed that my siblings and dad also have similar problems, although not as severe as mine. Some people said that the legs itching problem goes away after running actively for at least 3 consecutive days, but I have never gone as far as to test if it works for me because the itching is just too much to bear. Honestly, I don’t think it works for me because my case is just too severe. It might works for some of you. If your legs/thighs itch intensely when jogging, then you’re probably having the same problem I do.

    • I’m sorry that others experience this awful condition, but I’m glad I’m not alone. At first I thought I was a freak of nature or something. This condition started for me in college (early 90’s). Prior to that I ran long distance track in high school. Now, at about a half or three quarters of a mile, the itch kicks in. I’ve tried to run through it (mind over matter), but it becomes so unbearable I have to stop. When it kicks in I start to feel nauseous, and dirty. Stretching helps but it will only stave it off by a few minutes. I’ve tried stopping, waiting a few minutes then start back, but after about 2 minutes it starts right back up. Because of this I’ve switched from running to cycling. I love cycling, but I used to really enjoy running, and would like to continue. Just knowing that I’m not alone is a big help though.

  8. I have had this same problem since I was a teenager.I cry, fall down on the sidewalk and scratch like nobodys business kinda makes me crazy for a while. I’ve tried to explain this to soo many people they don’t understand I have even tried walking inside during the winter that didnt work either. I could really use some help with this.Has anyone heard of this crazy thing called allergic to exersize?

  9. hey i have the same problem i spoke with a real great doctor and am still going through tests but u should really get a liver function test it could be caused by a lazy liver check it out

  10. My legs itch so bad when I walk or run I want to scream, fall to the pavement, and drag myself across it for relief. I get so miserable and aggravated that I take it out on whoever I’m with. If my boyfriend laughs and tries to play around with me I want to punch him. It’s gone on for as long as I can remember, in fact I know I’ve always lived with it because I have a fear of being too far from home on foot. I’m terrified of trying to run or walk far away. I think I’ll start itching and be in too much severe agony to get home.The itch always starts with my legs and soon moves up to the sides of my stomach and then my upper arms and upper back. All my skin feels like it’s simultaneously itching and boiling and I start crying. One time it was so severe it caused some sort of temporary insanity. I was about 1/2 mile from home and I was itching uncontrollably. I was trying the “mind over matter routine” I was using all my concentration to try and control the itching. Suddenly I couldn’t take it, it reached my scalp. I sat down in the middle of the sidewalk and started tearing at my skin, like some sort of paranoid schizophrenic. All these people were driving by asking me if I was okay and I couldn’t speak. I tried to nod but I was crying so much I don’t know what I did. Finally, I calmed down enough to realize someone was going to call an ambulance or the cops so I got up and walked very slowly, painfully home. I had scratch welts and cuts all over my body for a few days.Now my walks usually last about 5 minutes and I feel like a loser for not being able to really work up a sweat.I’ve tried to research this phenomenon and I, like most of you, have been shocked to find that there’s not much info available.My doctor told me that it’s a temporary consition that affects people who don’t exercise often. He said the capillaries on the surface of my skin weren’t used to pumping blood very fast to my skin surface so the itch I was experiencing was the skin adjusting to the change. he said after a few weeks I wouldn’t feel it anymore.Well, honestly I can’t tell you if he was right or not because I’m so lazy, my walk/run resolutions last about a week before I’m so miserable I never want to do it again. So I switched to swimming. Its great exercise and you don’t feel the burn as bad.My pharmacist told me to try a Benadryl about 45 minutes before going out walking. This works for me a little, but I still get itching… it’s just delayed another 20 minutes. This is good enough for me to at least get a sweat going and not feel like a loser.Lastly, the lotion theory If you guys find out anything else, please let me know, we ought to form a support group because I know how discouraging and infuriating it is to resolve to exercise and then have your efforts thwarted by excruciating itching.What even makes me sadder is that soem people enjoy running SO MUCH! They crave running, and they’re in such good shape. I’d love to be one of those people but instead I feel disabled like I have a permanent handicap that will forever keep me from knowing their joy.

    • I was just wondering if the below message from Jiselle worked”I was told to drink a 2 tablespoons of apple cyder vinagar with water ever night. This will help my liver release the toxins and help my metabl.”

  11. I have had this problem for at least 20 years. It happens when I walk, run, ride a stationary bike, do aerobics, anything, especially when it is cold. I just want to scream and cry and scratch my legs off. An anti-histamine helps some times, but not always.

  12. OK WOW – I think a lot of you have the same crazy condition that I do.I get super itchy on my legs while fast walking or running. BUT not on a stair climber, not on an eliptical, not on a bike. So it’s not exercise – its something to do with the pounding from running. Also its a lot worse walking downhill than walking uphill. The itching doesn’t leave bumps and it’s not skin related. It’s coming from the inside.I was a varsity athelete and I’m in great shape, so I don’t think it has anyting to do with “getting used to exercise” … I’ve just had to avoid running or fast walking.I’ve tried taking Naxproxen (Aleve) and that provide some relief. Maybe the anti-inflament properties? Claritin was not effective for me. I wish some Drs would look into this for us all!

  13. I have the same experience and have constantly been told that I just don’t want to run or I’m imagining it. People don’t realize that is very debilitating and frustrating. I love running but can’t last long enough to make a real difference. I’m a very physically fit person and have to run every day, sometimes twice a day, to reduce the itching. After about one week the sensation goes away. But it’s changed the way I exercise, I can’t work out with other people because I may only make it 5 minutes and hate ruining others work outs. I have never tried Benadryl before working out but I know it makes me very tired. I also want to know if anyone else experiences the same sensation when they rub their legs too hard or when they apply lotion? Lastly I am a PhD student in Clinical Psychology and wish we had a support group, because people will really make you feel like it’s all in your head and you don’t have the mental strength to push through. Thank you for making me feel sane again!

  14. i have just taken up running as i reach 40 and feel the middle aged spread taking over and from previous experience of running i itched then started in my legs and worked its way up to the my hips and then my back….i wanted to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaam!!!! but of course you can’t in a public place, so i stop and walk and wait for my body to calm down. i really want to run and keep fit but this itch has given my running experience a thumbs down – i feel it is taking over my body. it really is horrible. its like someone is scratching me from underneath the layer of skin, i then respond my scratching back and really ripping into myself. when i get home and remove my clothes, i can see where i have attacked myself. why me. i will carry on and see if the itch lessens with more excercise. happy running.

  15. I have had this same problem forever. I was just told today that it is because of my liver. My liver is not releasing all the toxin that it should be so what it is doing is releasing it through my skin when I exercise. I was told to drink a 2 tablespoons of apple cyder vinagar with water ever night. This will help my liver release the toxins and help my metabl.

  16. fast to my skin surface so the itch I was experiencing was the skin adjusting to the change. he said after a few weeks I wouldn’t feel it anymore.: Well, honestly I can’t tell you if he was right or not because I’m so lazy, my walk/run resolutions last about a week before I’m so miserable I never want to do it again. So I switched to swimming. Its great exercise and you

  17. Wow, I also thought I was the only one with this problem. I am so glad to find that I am not alone. I wish there was a cure. If I run for more than a mile my legs start to burn so bad it is hard for me to breathe. It starts in my thighs and works it way up to my hips an down throughout my whole leg.I am 28 and this has only started happening since I was 25. I use to run and not have this problem. My husband doesn’t work out often but when he does this doesn’t happen to him. I have done other workouts like pilates and that has been working out fine but I really want to run.

  18. I want to add that this can be dangerous when swimming and a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Look into it, I hope you find relief…but don’t forget to take that anti-histamine because it’s worst once you haven’t had it for a while. I really hope this helps you. I thought I was going to just peel my skin off.

  19. I have the same problem. My dermatologist diagnosed me with cold urticaria. Because I run, I take a zyrtec everyday. If I miss a day…oh my..the itching to a burn…

  20. Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only one going through this. I am expecting in 2 months and want to start jogging post partum in order to lose weight, however I can’t becuase my legs itch so bad. It’s frustrating. I really wish a Dr. would address or do some type of research for this. I also notice that when I am on an eliptical that I don’t have this problem. However, I am not sure if an eliptacal is an effective way of doing cardio. But I guess I have n ot other choice. I have also starting haveing this problem in my teens and was very active even then. It’s very weird and frustrating. I like to jog but can only do it for 5 minutes. I just hate that my friends and husband think that I am being lazy and don’t want to excercise. HELP

  21. I too have this problem I hate it I love to walk but figure its something Im going to have to live with out!!I now have an elliptical and I can get on it and sweat like crazy and stay on a while and my legs dont itchI do believe it is from the pounding of the feet b/c when i was out walking slowly then I stopped hard at my dog b/c he ran out in front of my dh’s car well i stopped to get his attention and low and behold my leg starts itching like crazy!!

  22. Ok, wow. So Im in the medical field and knew it had something to do with the fact it has been a while since I have done any exercise. I just finished school and have had NO time until now to start walking. My fiance and I decided we have to get on an exercise program before our wedding. We started LAST NIGHT 6/30/08, and OMG!!! I itched so bad we only walked 1 short lap and I was basically in tears! My fiance was very non-chalant about the situation but I was absolutely miserable! I hate that all of you have experienced it but Thank God I’m not the only one. I just thought I was nuts. He repeated over and over, your skin is just irritated because you are sweating and no one knows unless they experience it exactly how it feels. To try: it feels like the inside of my legs were fighting to get out. No scratching could help with out worsening or making marks on my legs. It starts in my feet/ankles then works on up. I hate to say but Im sure ya’ll know, my gluteus maximus starts itching before my laps are over. I researched it a little and it is in fact due to poor circulation. I guess massaging your legs before and after would be good to increase circulation before you start and help afterwards. I do use lotion to massage, but I would think a “sports cream” would be better. I also take an ibuprofen before to decrease inflammation and increase my tolerance level. Just a thought for all of you who still suffer. I think/hope after more exercise it will finally subside….just need to get back in shape, including my arteries/veins/capillaries, and heart! Good luck! JB

  23. I have this problem as well. It has become more frustrating lately, as I have started a new career where I sit at a desk all day. I am used to being active and on my feet all day, now I am getting very out of shape. My fiancee and I got a dog and started running, but I could not take the ithching, and he is not very sympathetic about it. I have tried lotions and antihistimines… Nothing… This happens just about all weather, worse when cold or damp, indoors and out. I have very bad circulation in my legs, not sure if theres a connection. I have found the only remedy is not to run. I use an eliptical at the gym, and my legs are fine (weird). It makes me wonder if it has some thing to do with the impact of running/walking. My poor dog we start out on a long walk and five minutes into it I have to rush back home.Someone should start a group for this condition and people could find others near them to excercise with I live in New hampshire.

  24. OMG. This is soooooo weird. Reading this actually made me stop itching. Haha. I go through this constantly year round. I always thought it was dry skin (at least that is what the doctors said it was. I have tried lotions, fish oils, vitamin E, extra extra water- nothing. It really flares up during the summer when its humid outside. Im sad it happens, but glad that there are people out there suffering with it to. Not that I want ya’ll to be suffering- but at least I know its not genetically my family only. Yes, 3 of us go through the same type of itching. I used Alegra and it worked. Problem being that Alegra is expensive as all hell. But now there are several OTCs that are useful. This morning I had such a bad attack that I rushed out of the how in fear that I wouldnt be ready on time for work. I just put on what I could, did my makeup the best I could- my body was itching ALL over that my hands were shaking. Any how, I will refer my family over to this site. I hope you guys have found some relief (seeing that this post stems from 2002 and its now 2008.) Now I am wondering if there is a support group or a name for this phenomena. Certainly, the medical community needs to be more understanding of what is going on and WHY. You wouldnt believe how many doctors I have been to.

  25. I have the same problem. I tried the antihistamine, loratadine (the same stuff in claritin,but cheaper), and it actually works. I only take it for about four or five days then if I consistenly run (at least every other day) I don’t get the itch anymore. The first day I take it I usually can only run about .5-1 mile before I start itching. The second day I usually can run even further. By the next week I can do two miles and don’t have to take it at all. If I go slack off and dont run or jog for a while I just start this same regimine again until I dont need it anymore. So, if you have this condition, loratadine works! You can buy it cheap at the dollar store or walgreens. Hope this helps.

  26. sensored I’m only 19 and it’s been happening to be since I was little. It use to be in my feet when I walked. They would itch terribly and burn and I would throw fits. Then it happened again in High School. It can’t possibly be just from not exercising enough because I ran a mile every day in drill team and everyday it was hell and everyday my legs itched and burned and I wanted to cry and my instructor just didn’t understand.I can’t even go for more than a 10 minute run. Sometimes the itching and burning moves up to my sides and under my bra line. I itch so much I end up with bruises all over my leg. It happens indoors or outdoors.I haven’t figured out anything to make it better, but I hear taking an antihistamine about an hour before exercise helps. Or maybe trying slower exercise like Yoga. Let me know if you figure out anything great.

  27. OMG! I thought I was the only one too. I explain to doctors and family and friends and they do not get how bad it really is. I describe it like how I would imagine red fire ants crawling all over you. You can only ignore it for a few minutes then it is so bad you have to itch. Unfortunately the more I itch the more I have to keep itching. I itch until I bleed it is so bad. The only thing that stops the itch is when I stop moving. But as soon as I start moving again it comes back with a vengence. It is so bad that I cry too when it happens. I was training for a 3 day 60 mile walk and tried everything from wearing tight bikers shorts or 3/4 length pants under my sweat pants, taking antihistamines, lotions. Walking in cold or hot both trigger it. The slower I walk the better but no one likes to walk with me then. It will usually start after about 10 mins. on my thighs then my sensored and then calfs. It is really bad outdoors but does also happen indoors too. The weird thing is it does not happen when I am running and playing soccer indoor or outdoor. I dont get it. All I know is I dont go for walks and I would love to.

  28. i get this too. it used to be i run and ten minutes later the itch starts. and the itching is inside not on the surface of the skin. it’s so bad , i hate everyone and everything around me, and i feel so dirty and everything around me is so dirty too. now when i run it happens 30 minutes later or sometimes it starts after i finish running for 45 minutes and it last for awhile. it has gotten worse.I copied this reasoning from another site.The itching is not on the skin, it’s inside the actual limbs. There are millions of tiny capillaries and arteries inside our muscles which expand rapidly due to the demand for more blood that is brought on by exercise. When fit, these capillaries remain open allowing maximum blood passage, but when unfit and inactive they tend to collapse, allowing only minimal blood passage (which is sufficient for a sedentary person however). The rapid expansion of these vessels causes adjacent nerves to send impulses back to the brain which are interpreted as an itch. That’s why after a few sessions the sensation tends to go away.

  29. I started getting itchy legs when walking when I was in high school. At first I thought it was caused by fabric, heat, or grass, but it continued to happen no matter if it was night/day, indoors/outdoors, or if I had pants or shorts on. It happens when walking around the grocery store, the mall, and sometimes just from walking from one class on campus to another.The itch usually starts in my thighs then progresses to my lower legs. If I don’t stop sometimes my upper body will itch as well. The itch is extremely intense and accompanied by redness and warmth. The urge to scratch is irresistible and I find myself digging my nails into my flesh to the point of drawing blood in order to relieve the itch. Usually I have to rest for at least 10 minutes after an itching episode or it will immediately recur. Splashing cold water onto the itchy areas feels good as well.During the itching episode I also feel really on edge, like if someone were to touch me or somehow get in the way of me scratching, I feel as if I would freak out and yell or attack them. It’s such an intense feeling, but difficult to explain.The only thing I’ve found that works is taking loratadine (Claritin) before walking or exercising. This has been 100% effective for me in preventing the itchiness. I take it at least 30 minutes before walking/going to the gym. I did ask my old doctor about it, but he said that unless he saw it happening, he couldn’t really diagnose it and he hadn’t heard of it before. He did suggest trying antihistamines because it seemed like some time of allergic reaction. Turns out he was right about the antishistamine, but it would be nice to know why the allergic reaction occurs.I’ve been pretty sedentary since highschool and am underweight according to my BMI, but I wonder if it’s a circulatory problem because I also have spider veins on my upper thighs.

  30. I too have the same problem. This is not encouraging for someone like myself who really needs to excercise. I’m too embarrased to ask a friend or another family member about this phenomenon. However, my eldest sister who’s 26 says she has had an issue with itching while walking. I can get a good 10 minutes in before the itching starts. I’m going to start with 10 minute walks everday for the next week or so to see if things get better. i know its not dry skin for me as i have some of the oilest skin ever. i was told to try a non- scented mineral oil on my legs just before walking… i mean im no scientist but i defnitely think a consistent workout plan will help the itch… ~miss key

  31. What i noitced is that it is bad when it’s cold outside. A chill in the air makes going out for a walk/jog painful. But on hot days there is no itch when I go for a walk/jog. maybe it does have something to do with our circulatory system and warming up. Happy to hear that Im not alone. Any one who hears me talk about this thinks Im crazy and that its all in my head.

  32. This may sound selfish but Thank God i am not alone. For years i have been experiencing this horrible problem and everyone else’s solution seem to be take your mind off of it. But of course we know that dont work. Its really terrible. With me though after i walk a few days regularly the problem goes a way however if i skip a few days then i am in problems all over again. i too literally cry when it comes on. Its a kind of itch that you just cant deal with even if you scratch so hard your skin breaks. I have tried benadryl, periactin to name a couple. Gosh i hope a cure comes real quick i need to be on the move.

  33. I just happened across your post. I have this too. I’m literally crying as I type. I have had this since I was a child. I would cry if I had to walk. I quit track because I would be running and crying and just wanting it to end so I could scratch. I didn’t want to be in parades at school because they walked to far. It was torture. I can tell you it doesn’t matter how much you work out. I used to work out for hours every single day, not one ounce of fat and I still itched. It did take longer at the peak of my fitness to start itching. My legs itch and then they kinda burn and ache and it is maddening. I have had to stop. The other day I was walking across the sprint campus and I had to keep stopping to rub my legs and try to look normal. I had 2 babies and am way out of shape and now I notice if I walk only a few minutes like in the grocery store or mall I start to itch fast. A long time ago I did a search and found a medical site that had a doctor post and wouldn’t you know the second page which had the disorder name was deleted? It was just one page they didn’t delete. I have been trying to find out what this is since then. There are hundreds of people online trying to find out to bad there isn’t a study going on it is obviously common and it is horrible because I would like to run heck just walk for health but I can’t it makes me miserable. I have tried the mind over matter too lol. I do think this isn’t some thing lotion will cure lol. I believe it has to do with circulation because I also swell sometimes when the itching is severe. Well please let me know if you here anything. I will try the Benadryl. I sure hope your email is still active. Lisa

  34. Hi,After reading all these post on this site, I have realized that this problem is different for different people. In my situation, if I stop exercising for any period of time when I resume exercising I will itch. Like today, I went out for a light short walk (because I knew I would itch) By the time I got close to home I had started. For me it usually last for about 3 days of exercising for about 20 minutes for it to stop. I usually start of on the treadmill that way if the itch takes over I’m not out on the street feeling yucky. I just start off really slowly on the treadmill and when I feel the itch I would stop and stretch and just try to make it through that 20 minutes. Its tough sometimes for me but like I said by day 4 i’m good to go. I don’t know your situation fully but if you have just started exercising maybe you can just keep trying for a couple of days and see if it will go away for you.

  35. Renee (and group), I have the same thing! I have been active my entire life but when I fall off the exercize wagon the itching is always there to welcome me back. When I was a teen I ran track and used to scratch my legs or smack them as I was running.. It never went away like some it does for some people. It is horrible! My husband thinks I’m crazy and doesnt like to go out walking with me anymore because I scratch myself bloody and run home as fast as I can! The eliptical machine doesnt cause the itch at all. It seems to only be caused by walking and running. My skin isnt dry at all and I am not dehydrated. I can do low impact aerobics, in fact I used to teach it. I also belly dance and do yoga and pilates.. none of those cause it. It seems to happen with the foot striking the ground… (someone posted an article about histamine being released into the system as your foot hits the ground… That sounds logical and is probably the cause. But if it is the cause… I dont want to take ANY medication into my body in order to be able to exercise. That is an oximoron to me. To be healthy I have to take poisons into my system.. no thank you! I wish I could run but it doesnt seem to be in the cards so I find other ways. Something else I found… This is more serious… I found a doctor statement on that says if you get to the point where the itchyness becomes hives, you need to stop immediately.. because it may progress to an anaphylactic reaction -passing out or closing off your airway.It is an allergic reaction to exercise.. well sorta. I wish I could explain it to those who have never felt this agony (like my the trainers at the club I used to work at that would yell at me for tearing up my legs while I was on the treadmil).. (and my doctor for another!).. but it is nice to know I’m not crazy and I’m not the only one. Nancy

  36. Please HELP! When I jog or walk for even 5 minutes, my thighs and sensored get so itchy that it is unbearable for me to continue. Furthermore, when I itch my thighs become swollen with red marks. I have always had this problem and it has kept me from jogging and walking. This time, I would like to overcome it. Can someone please let me know what I can do to cure this. Would an anti itch cream prior to excersise help? TO fight through the itch is not a possibility because it is that unbearable. I have always been active with Volleyball, and softball and have not encountered this problem. But for some reason, if I decide to get on a treadmill, I can not make it through the first 5 minutes.PLEASE HELP ME!

  37. This is so strange! I usually run any where from 3.5 miles to 8 miles per day, however; I recently injured my foot, and tried to get back into running. I started to run yesterday, and thought that I would DIE OF ITCH!! My god, it was horrible this time. the only other time this happend was prio to my ‘running’ days when I was a child, and just getting into it. This ‘itch’, seems to start ONLY when I have not run for 3 or 4 days, and start up again. Does anyone know if benedryl would help?????

  38. I just got home from walking the dogs and my legs are itching like mad! Everyone thinks I’m crazy, so it’s good to know I’m not alone.Matt, you bring up an interesting case about the chicken. I eat a lot of chicken. Would be interesting to investigate that theory.I just don’t buy the capillary explanation. I’ve had this for a long time, through active and inactive periods of my life. And, if it is truly capillary, why doesn’t it happen for all exercising? Why does the Eclipse machine not do it? Would all of you agree that it has something to do with your foot hitting the ground or is it different for some of you?I know there are far more serious things out there for doctors to deal with, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone did a little research for all of us? No one takes it seriously, but they would if they ever had the ITCH! Perhaps we should form a group???

  39. I can’t believe I am not the only one out there with this. I have had itchy-legs-when-I-walk for as long as I can remember. It is always worse when it’s cold out. And lately, it has progressed to not just unstoppable itchy, but I now get hives from the back of my knees up to the my shoulders. I was recently telling a friend about this and they said another friend had the same problem. Their doctor said it was related to the capillaries and the reaction to increased blood flow. Whatever the reason is, I am 100% freaked out to excerise on cold mornings. At least I’m not alone.

  40. check out “…it has to do with the release of histamine from mast cells and the mechanism is very similar to that of Runner’s Anemia. Basically, as your foot strikes the ground, the mast cells within the capillaries rupture and release histamine into the blood stream, setting up the reaction for the thighs to itch. So why does the itch resolve with daily running? I think it has to do with the fact that you lower the total number of mast cells circulating in the blood stream with daily running because your body is unable to fully replenish those mast cells that were lost. Although you are still causing the mast cells to rupture with each step, now there are fewer of these cells in the blood stream. As a result, less histamine is released and the threshhold to cause these symptoms has not been reached. When you stop running for a few days, your body has had time to replenish your mast cells, making you vulnerable the next time you run. With the elliptical trainer, there is no foot strike and thus, no histamine release…”

  41. Wow! I have the exact same problem – just happened again when I tried to jog outdoors yesterday. It’s so bad that I have to stop – my thighs start to itch like crazy and sometimes the itching spreads down my legs. Because I was on a trail and I was itching so badly on my thighs, I kept pouring cool water on my legs. It would help only for a few moments. Glad I found this string. Very interesting posts.

  42. I am 21yrs old and I suffer from the same condition. I have found that a very slow warm up and stretching session can lessen the severity of the itching. But it never completely goes away. This condition is devestating to me because I love to be active. I have to cut off my fingers nails to prevent from harming myself. If anyone out there has any kind of helpfull info I would be very appreciative.

  43. hello…I too have suffered from this painful itching (especially when I run) since I was a teenager. It used to happen in the cold mornings riding my bike to school and was torturous! Perhaps the comment about genetics could be looked into because my mother has the same symptoms. Interestingly, I have lead a very active lifestyle, and played many sports, including dancing for 14 years. I do notice that when I’m out of the habit of exercising much (outta shape) the itching is DEFINATELY worse when I run. hence, the more out of shape I am, the more it affects me. My own personal theory is that perhaps it’s some circulation problem. I dont understand why I can dance still or swim and never be affected in this way. Certainly, there has to be more info out there, but I dont have any idea where to look.

  44. i have some similar symptoms… along with a twitching feeling. I have actually be researching the topic of yeast overgrowth (candida) and I seriously think that the two may be linked.

  45. I don’t know what too do myself. The only part that itches is behind my knees and when I itch it I feel little bumps, almost like from shaving but I’ve tried every raser from cheap to expensive, creams from men to aloe for sensative skin and it still itches then I sometimes itch behind my thighs and thosespots are little my chins even itch at times. It doesn’t hurt me I just itch and scratch the hell out of it and later it’s fine but it will come back, I’m concerned now because I didn’t realize there are itch diseases out there and I’m curious what mine is.

  46. I too have had this problem most of my life as far as I can remember. It must be genetic because up until now the only other person I knew who had this was my father. We are both very active and have learned that as long as we both maintain an active lifestyle (no more than 3 days in a row off) we can no longer itch. I have also tried benendryl as well as anti-itch lotions prior to running. The only thing that works for me is prescription allergy medication (allegra) taken atleast an hour before exercise. I recently have been in and out of town and have not been able to get past the itching, I have scars on the inside of my legs where I have scratched. My question is has anyone found any relief in other exercises? Lately my legs itch no matter what exercise I am doing, it use to only be running, but now walking and aerobics cause me to itch all over. I want to be active but I can no longer deal with the annoying and burning itch, any suggestions?

  47. I’ve had a similar problem on occasion. While, not nearly as severe, the itching would drive me crazy. It was always on the hips and sides of my abdomen, occasionally on my neck and face.After several months of totally random events I successfully determined that it was due to eating too much chicken the day/night before running. Yes, chicken. Chicken has high amounts of Niacin(sp?) and will cause the skin to burn/itch – especially considering I’d eat about a pound of chicken after lifting weights (for the protien). Hopefully, your case is as simple as this! It’s worked without fail for me.

  48. GreetingsMy legs have started doing the same thing. Only when I try walking outside (within 5-7 mins) or after about 15-20 mins on treadmill. Any answers?Dawn