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Knee Tendenitis


I have just recently found out that I am suffering from knee tendenitis in both knees. The physical therapist let me know he gave me a little knee brace that doesnt really help what can i do to stregnthen my knee at home or in a gym. It also buckles on me and the pain gets so server it cant drive or jump do you really think it is just knee tendenitis. thanx Ali

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  1. I came upon this cite while looking for answers to my knee pain. Four months ago I tore the caritage on both sides of my knee. At least I was having some fun dancing. I had the usual surgery. My orthpedic now tells me he has done all he can for my pain.He can not tell me why I am still in so much pain.I was going to warm water therapy until I came down with broncitis a week ago. Ater no therapy I find I have less pain in my knee. I believe my pain may be teneenitis. Any Answers. Thank you. I have no idea why I have submitted this message. Delores