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I used 250 mg. of terbinifine for 90 days for toe nail fungus. I was taking probiotic acidopholus at the same time. After finishing the terbinifine prescription I noticed on the acidopholus bottle: CAUTION: Do not take within 2 hours of taking antibiotics. I learned it’s because the acidopholus could ruin the effectiveness of the antibiotic. But terbinifine is an antifungal, not an antibiotic, right?
Well, my toenail infection returned 5 weeks after finishing the terbinifine. Now I’m 2 weeks into my second 90 days of terbinifine. The infection is still slowy spreading, whereas it seemed to halt immediately on the first course of terbinifine. Could I have developed a tolerance? Am I taking this stuff in vain?


  1. well i’m about to order a 12 week supply of the generic lamisil and i was wondering whether you were using the generic or the name brand lamisil and is the infection still spreading or has it halted a second time? my main concern is whether or not the generic is just as effective as the name brand. i am a mere college student working full-time to make ends meet and you guessed it, i don’t have nor can i afford health insurance and there is such a tremendous difference in the price of the two.

  2. Was the fungus diagnosed by taking a culture or doing a PAS stain etc. or just an assumption. If you have a yeast infection, Lamisil is not that effective. I am aware of what acidophilus is, and understand it is to restore the good bacteria in the GI tract that antibiotics kill. Lamisil does not affect bacteria.For toenails, Lamisil is effective about 70% of the time. You probably should discuss this with your doctor. Have you tried using Penlac as well?

    • Thanks so much, Dr. Vivian. I’m sorry to hear that terbinafine only has a 70% success rate, and I may be unlucky. I was diagnosed 15 years ago. No tests. Dr. looked at it and said, “Yes, fungus.” He removed the nail, prescribed a topical to be used for a year. Nail grew out nicely, but fungus returned right away. I’ve been using various topicals all these years. They only slow the growth, which quickly accelerates if 2 days are missed. The gen. terbinafine worked great! I was so happy! Two months after finishing it–sad again. Got another prescription of gen. terbinafine immediately. Apparently mine is a real mean strain and I may have to deal w/ it forever–unless I should try a DIFFERENT DRUG? Are there different therapy suggestions for different strains of this stuff? Of the five doctors I’ve seen, none of them seem to know much. Have there been any other developments in onychomycosis research? WHERE CAN I DONATE?Can I do 90 days of the terbinafine twice a year or more if I have to, as long as blood is tested and liver is good, or would this be futile and stupid? Another site said there is no evidence of terbinafine tolerance… thank you.