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Lower back pain.


4 years ago I had an MRI done b/c of low back pain which read:Mild DDD L5-S1.
MIld acquired spinal stenosis So as a result the Dr put me on Anti Inflamatorys.Last month had an other MRI done b/c of resent worsening symptoms which read:There is mild dessication of the nucleus of the L5-S1 disc and there is a tiny annular tear to the right of the midline.
There is a relatively mild broad based central disc proapse.
This contacts the thecal sac, but does not significantly compress the nerve roots. There does not appear to be significant central spinal stenosis at this symptoms: Pain in lower back almost daily at 3/10 in intensity. And flare ups of 9/10 at irregular intervals sometimes weeks or months that resolve aftera day or two.

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  1. Dear Steve,The MRI report is telling you that the mild Degenerative Disc Disease with a mild narrowing of the space where the spinal cord resides has now worsened and there is a tear in the disc and the disc is putting pressure where the nerves are located.Conclusion Kind regardsDr Anthony Gambale curvesolutionsusa .