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Myofacial pain syndrome


I was told by my doctor that i have this from a car accident in 2000 and he said it would get better with excercise well i was wondering if it did for anyone else cuz for me it has gotten worse. Please someone email me with some answers cuz my doctor don’t give any.


  1. I have been living with the same diagnosis and I too am getting worse. Sorry about the typo, had a practical joker in the house. Anyway, from what i have read, this is not a syndrome, rather a chronic disease that is often misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and others due to all the confusing complicated symptoms. There are many confusing symptoms, mostly painful. I have degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine and some other complicating factors. I continue on opioid therapy. Not sure where to go from here. Has anyone tried an endocrinologist?

  2. I have the same and it is getting worse..I have been through several different kinds of physical therapies including neurosmusclar and my trigger points are more frequent now.

  3. — I too have had a car accident in 2000. My doctor also said it would be getting better with exercise and likewise it has gotten worse!