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numbness and tingling in hands and feet


I have a question.i have been having severe swelling and numbness,also reddness in both of my feet.and in my ankles. i have also had like pins and needles going thru my left (moreso)than right fingers.i went to the emergency room here.and they did ultrasound of legs for blood clots and found none.they did blood work,urinalysis,chest x-ray,to no question is this–could all this be related to spine(scoliosis).


  1. Forum I have had a numb or tingling sensation in my pinky finger and part of my ring finger in my left hand the last few days. I use a PC a lot and was thinking it might be Carpal Tunnel but I just read that the pinky wouldnot be effected on that nerve. I’d like to know if this should be considered serious or at what point I should see a doctor about it. Thanks.Steve========================================================================Thanks for your question. The symptoms described in your message are verytypical for a mild ulnar nerve impairment. The ulnar nerve “wraps” aroundthe outer side of the elbow, and can be fairly easily compressed if oneleans on the elbow constantly – such as resting the elbows on the deskwhile typing at the computer. The best solution is to avoid such postures,or to have a soft surface (a mini-pillow, for instance). If the symptomsdo not improve or resolve with these simple measures, a careful examinationby a physician might be helpful.I hope this information is helpful. Best of luck.This information is provided for general medical education purposes only. Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.——————————————————————————–Reply by: CCF Neurology MD – AY on 10/07/1998

  2. Numbness in the fingers is one of main symtoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. A good way to test for cts is to rub an ice cube the fore wrist when your fingers are numb. (it works for me) If the numbness subsides you should get tested for cts. There is a new device you should check out that will do the same thing but not as wet. Check out

  3. I am having this problem also. Lately I have been really stressed & thought that might be theproblem–please let me know what you find out.

  4. I have a question about numbness in my left hand and thumb. The numbness is dominant in the thumb.Can you tell me what this might be related to?

  5. : I have the same problem. In my pinky and ring finger. It is mostly in the knuckle and top of my little finger and sometimes if I catch it wrong it is like an electric shock through my fingers. I see from some other comments it may be related to the funny bone. Some years ago I had an operation on my elbow to remove an inflamed sort of sack. Maybe this is related.

  6. i have had numbness in my pinky and ring finger and was diagnosed as having ulnar palsy,a nerve that leads from your funy bone,i was told to keep my arm straight ,given anti inflamotory pills and maybe need cortisone injections,causes can happen if u have hurt your elbow at the funny bone

  7. I have been experiencing numbness in my left hand ring and pinky finger for the past few weeks. It started out being just a sporadic thing but has been a every day occurance for the past week. I have chronic lower back pain so at first I chalked it up to the two being related. In the past I have experience numbness of the second, third and forth toe on my feet. Is this due to poor circulation or should I look closer into the cause? I am only 26 years old and it is beginning to affect my every day life style. Is it worth going to the doctor for testing? Can you give me any indications to what could be causing this. Sincerely, Haley Kistler