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Numbness: Only the outer edge of my right big toe.


I should be in a podiatrist’s office right now asking this question, but as a precaution I felt safe confiding in you Dr. Abrams for professional advice. Although to me this problem seems minor, my biggest concern is whether or not the problem will persist or worsen. Approximately three weeks ago, the outer edge of the of my big toe suddenly became numb one day (I had not injured it in any way, the toe itself has no marks, and I do not experience pain). It has not spread thus far, nor has it gone away. I was wondering if this problem can be easily examined and pinpointed, or do you think that I may need several tests or more? It’s a very small area of my toe.Your time, patience, and advice is much appreciated :)Thank You,Sara Miller

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  1. : : hi i have numbness in myleft big toe around the outer edge only…… doesnt hurt but it is annoying……it has me worried..could you give me some advise.please thanks

  2. I also wanted to mention that I have no history of foot ailments, nor have I had any previous medical foot procedures performed.Thank you againSara