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Painful, burning foot can’t sleep


I’m a very active 39 year old and I run 20-25 miles a week as well as lift weights. I had plantar fasciitis a few years ago but I was able to overcome it. However, the past several nights, I’ve had intense pain in the bottom of my right foot which wakes me up. There is pain and numbness in the middle to outside part of my foot. I ended up going to the ER because of the pain and the doc said he thought it was PF. I know what PF feels like and previously I had it in the typical spot (medial side near the insertion point) and the usual deal, pain first few steps in the morning etc… but PF NEVER woke me up at night. I get the feeling that this is nerve related somehow?? It suddenly just came on, there was no acute injury or anything like that. I’m taking percoset for the pain and yet, it STILL wakes me up at night. I’d appreciate any input you may have (I have an appt. with a PDM soon) I’m as curious as I am frustrated to find out what this is.
Mike R

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