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ripping in heel


I get a semi sharp pain in my heel when I bend over or extend my leg.
It feels a bit like a ripping sensation.
What do you think is going on?
My trainer thinks it’s related to my hamstring, which makes sense because of when it hurts, but other than tell me to stretch, hasn’t been helpful and I think it’s getting worse.
Any info you could provide will be appreciated.

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  1. Most likely your pain is coming from a condition related to either the plantar fascia (ligament) or achilles tendon (tendon). Either way, I start off treating the majority of my patients with the HTP heel seats. They provide immediate and long term pain relief and help physically reconstruct the foot. They cost something like 25.00 but price may be different now. I will try to come back online later and answer more of the questions you probably have in regarding this pain. Cheers

  2. Your hamstrings insert up by your knee. If your pain in the back of the heel area it can be the Achilles tendon, if it on the bottom it is the Plantar Fascia, or if it is on the medial side the most likely is the Posterior Tibial tendon and the lateral side is the Peroneals. If you have an injury, I would suggest you stop stretching it and see a doctor. An MRI might be indicated.