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Scaphoid Fracture Cast?


Hi, this past weekend i tripped and fell while out on my usual run. landed on my hand, felt like i jammed my wrist but it still bothered dme after a few days, so i went to the doctor and was told i broke my scaphoid inmy wrist. they put me in a cast that goes all the way up to my armpit, and tell me i will be stuck in a cast for 12 weeks. why is my whole arm stuck in a cast if it’s just a bone inmy wrist that i hardly noyiced was broken?

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  2. just 4t i say that a friend of mine broke her scaphoid recently,she was put in a cast up 2 her elbow and it gt removed after 2weeks.

  3. This is an important bone in your wrist so it needs time to heal. The following link should be helpful in your understanding of the injury you have sustained