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screw removal


Two years ago I had a bunionectomy and three weeks ago I had the screw removed from the big toe.
I now have a hard bump between pea & marble size where the screw used to be.
Is this a common occurrence after removal?
It does not appear to be swelling as the bump is rather defined.
When I had the pin taken out on the other side of my foot (I had bunions on both sides) there was no problem.
It was removed during the first year and was a very simple procedure with one stitch and no swelling.
What usually happens after screw removals?
Thank You

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  1. himy name is elio and i am 31 years old. i have hallux valgus in both feet . i like sports so much and especially basket ball but when i play for a long time i feel some pain in my feet but in general it’s ok. i have a severe deformation .do i have to do the surgery?can i play basketball and run again after the surgery?thank you very much.