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sprained foot that caused bone to separate


I sprained my foot 2 1/2 weeks ago.
The swelling has never went down.My toes are still blue.
The Dr has done no test other than xrays.Xrays shows that the tendon or ligament has caused the outside of the bone to separate.
The Dr say’s that the swelling could take 6 months to a year to go down.
He performed no MRI.
This is a w/c case and he’s sending me back to work today with no restrictions even after i told him that my job requires me to be on my feet for 8 hrs a day and continiously going up and down a ladder.
Should i get a second opinion?
Thanks for your time,Denise Blessing

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  1. In one word- YES.Unfortunately, if this is worker’s comp, that may be easier said than done. You will have to probably make several phone calls.Good luck.