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stiftnes of the upper hips and joint


hi i was enquiring about a ongoing problem i have had for year’s as i was born with “clicky,hips” as i am only 30 years and feel the pain has increased drimatically this past year. I did go to my pysician and he gave me a shot of qauterzone in my left hand side of my bone marrow,only he did say that when it wheres off to go back ,even tho im not a great fan of needles i must say that it done the job for a little while then my other hip started to play up, so i went back and he refused to do anything for me i was clearly not happy so i was wondering is there anything i can do to relive the pain through creams or pysio . i work 30 hrs a wk on my feet and have 4 boys so that probebly doesnt help matters, but if you could advise me it would be much appreciated thankyou.