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Straightening Toes


I have slightly crooked toes on both feet which I think is because of the shoes I’ve been wearing most of my life.
I also have corns on both big toes and on my right foot I have two cyst-like lumps.
I am planning on buying larger shoes soon with more toe room, but I would also like to try out one or two of the toe straighteners I’ve found on the Internet.
Here are two sites: questions are: 1) Do these toe straighteners actually work and if so how long will they take to work?
2) Since all of my toes are crooked in one way or another, which straightener would work the best?
3) In regards to the cyst-like bumps on my feet, what might the actual cause and cure be for this?
Thanks so much!


  1. Ripped the whole nail off on my second toe. It came off in one piece. Hurt like hell. Been using polysporine on it and covering it with a bandaid. Just wondering if I need to keep it mouist or let it dry out a bit? Wondering also how long will it take before it starts to grow back?

    • can you please tell me about toe shortening procedures and how dangerous they are. I have a slightly second longer toe than the rest and am contemplating surgery. I live in England though and need any advice of the way to go about investigating procedures. thank you.

  2. :I have bunions of both of my feet and my feet are also flat. They were broken in a car accident back in 92 and haven’t been right since. I do now have two corns of my middle toes and have tried everything to get rid of them. What can be done about straightening out my feet and putting the arch back in them and also removing the corns that don’t want to go away? And how long is the recovery time and if i was to do this should i do both feet at one time or one at a time, keeping in mind that i do commute 45 mins. to school everyday.