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subluxation of a rib head


Hello Dr. I went to a chiropractor to adjust my hip Oct. of last year. That night or the next day I had extreme pain center of chest and mid back pain .Went back for another hip adjustment a week later mentioned chest pain no answer. I did not go back .A family member who is a chiropractor but who lives far away said it may be a subluxation of a rib head.I went to an accupuncturist for ongoing IBS and he tried to help the discomfort in chest that at times I still have when I lay on the left side, not much help. Is there anything to help sometimes it is worse than others.It hurts to the touch at times .Thank you.


  1. Off and on for years I get rib heads. It is very painful. Go to a chiropractor but each time I go as the the years go on it takes more and more adjustments before it goes away. How can I avoid getting a rib head, and when I do how can I get rid of one faster.

  2. First of all, forget the chiropractor (short term)and go to a physical therapist (long term). It sounds like you do have some type of rib dysfunction.