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Tenonitis of the Rotar Cuff


Almost 2 years ago I started having problems with my left sholder, a year later my right one started.
I say shoulders, but I can also feel it in my arms. I can only life either arm so high, and it hurts like blazes.
I was told that it was probably from repetion in my work.
I have been at the same job for almost 30 years. At the moment I work on a computer and in the Photo Lab.
In the Lab I have to reach over my shoulders to fill the big Paper Rolls which yould weigh about 10 Lbs.
I also mic Chemical by stirring and this seems to make things worse as well. For years I worked as a Cashir ringing in and baggin Groceries of all shapes and sizes.
I went to Theraphy for 15 sessions.
I had the cold and hot heat, the tens machine, Ultra Sound, Laser beams and 2 sessions of AcuPincturre. Not making a lot of progress it was suggested that I should not work for a while and see if thigns would improve. I continued to work and still do, but lately I have noticed tingling in my hands and fingers.
My Dr. says that would not be from the shoulders, it would be from my neck?
I had an xray on ,y shoulder 1 years ago. Nothing showed, I went to a Orthapediac Surgeon and he said to take Viox and Exercise. He did not do an arthiogram or anything.
I am at my wits end, seems like no one wants to do anything.
The reason I did not take time off work is because the Dr. didnt think it was necessary.
He told me to watch my limitations.
I have a hard time somedays even doing my hair etc.
Help!! Any suggestions

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  1. Hey, Donna, I see this is a very old post. I hope you are all better by now. If you aren’t I want you to look up TOS or Thoracic Oulet Syndrome on the Internet. It sounds to me that is what you could have. I have it and I have a lot fo the same symptoms as you. Knubness down the back of my arm and into my fingers, mainly the pinky and ring finger but it can be all of them on a bad day. The knubness throws the Docs off because they think it’s has something to do with the spine. Well, I could go on and on but you it’s probably been too long and you will never see this. Good luck, look it up and read about it. Deedee