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To Baje (re: bunionectomy)


Your situation (and recovery) sounds almost identical to mine, Baje. I, too, felt little pain the first week, as I took myself off darvocet (I broke out in a rash) and just took the celebrex and tylenol 2 for pain. I started using crutches on day 4 and only yesterday did I begin to use only 1 crutch.
I am bearing a little more weight on the foot w/one crutch, but I, too, am getting more shooting pains in my foot, some cramping as well both during the day and at night. I figure this is part of the recovery process. I am anxious to progress because in four days, I’m getting my stitches out and I really don’t want to go into the doctor’s office on crutches (3 weeks post-op). A lady in the waiting room last week was only 1 week post-op for the same surgery and was not using any crutches (darn martyr)!
Anyway, please keep me posted on your recovery and how you’re progressing.
We seem to be “birds of a feather”.Patty T.

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