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torn toenail


About 3 weeks ago I tore most of my big toemail away from the skin. Just the other day I finally cut the rest off because I was afraid it would catch and rip if I didn’t.
My question is, when it tore, part of the root came up with it and the only part of my toenail that I can see remains is just a slight strip on the side.
Can you tell me what the chances are that the toenail will regrow?
And if the chances aren’t good, is it possible to have an acrylic nail or some other sort of fake nail put on?
I would appreciate any advice.


  1. Your toe nail will regrow. The new nail will push off the remaining old nail. It takes about 1 year for a nail to grow from the root to the end of the toe. When it is injured, it usually grows a bit faster, but it still is a very slow process.Hope this helps.