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Weird swelling on top of foot


am hoping you can help me. I’m a 22 year old female.
Starting back in late January, I developed a swollen lump on the top of my right foot.
Thought it was from walking several miles that morning in clogs that might have pushed up against the foot as I moved, so I put some ice on it and went back to wearing appropriate exercise shoes.
The swelling went down somewhat, but there are is still a weird, misshapen, squishy lump on the top of the foot, slightly closer to the base of the calf than to the toes.
It doesn’t have well defined borders, but it covers about 1/5 of my foot. It isn’t painful unless I wear shoes that press down on it…the clogs that I used to wear don’t really fit well due to the lump, and I am in great pain if I wear them for more than half an hour at the time.
I have had to buy bigger shoes because of this lump, despite the fact that the rest of my foot remains the same size. Any feedback on what this could be would be very helpful.


  1. There are several possibilities but I really can not say unless I examined your foot. One possibility that is common in this area is a ganglion cyst. I recommend you see a podiatrist for an evaluation.

  2. yep…happened to me today….a big ball of swelling….right under my pointer toe…and hurts when I drive…or put too much weight..with pain going up to ankle…yuck!