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Widespread ankle pain


Regular runner. Suddenly after walking at the Zoo in late AugustI develop tendonitis like symptoms in achilles area but higher up near calf muscle. Ortho tells me it’s ok to try to work through on eliptical with some moderate stretching. The eliptical and stretching actually make it worse and start to cause pain in the front and sides of my ankle so I rest with occasional walk. Still no improvement. One day I go for a casual walk lasting about 30 minutes. Next day extreme pain throughout entire ankle including front and sides, calf is cramping, muscles in front and back are sore to the touch but still no pain exactly at the base of the achilles tendonitis. Some numbness. EMG done, MRI of lumbar sping done, Neurologist says nothing wrong. Follow up with Ortho tells me that he does know what the problem is b/c I’m not presenting with classic achilles pain only. He can’t explain pain in front and sides or the pain near the calf. Aren’t there tendons all through the lower leg? Primary physician has convinced himself that I have fibromylagia. Keeps asking if i’m depressed (duh, my ankles hurt of course it’s depressing). Primary tried six day course of oral steroids, no change. Ortho referred me to physiatrist. Is it possible to develop such widespread tendonitis in the ankle? Shouldn’t the problem dissipate with rest? Any ideas?


  1. These are just my thoughts, since I haven’t examined you I can not give an exact impression.One possibility is a tear in the calf muscle (gastrocnemius or soleus) Other thoughts includepartment syndrome, Phlebitis, stress fracture of tibia or fibula.Have you been immobilized or been off weight bearing with crutches for any length of time?

    • Have not been imobilized. Sometimes it is less a pain than a widespread dull ache that spreads from my ankles into my foot. For example, I went for a walk yesterday, a slow walk, for about 15 minutes and it was a little sore. But today both my ankles, all around, are throbbing and there is discomfort throughout the bottom of my feet that feels much like your feet might at the end of a day where you spent too many hours standing.