Abdominal injury

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first time posting, i hope im doing it right

im a professional wrestler, about a week ago i injured something in my lower abdominal area about 3-4 inches from my naval, i thought nothing of it and continued with my life. yesterday i came home to find i had reagrivated this injury, until now i have had no treatment and have been “working through” the pain. i know im not a doctor but from the looks of things i think it may be a second degree abdominal strain
symptoms are:

pain with any movement including breathing
tight pressure, discomfort, more wide ranged than acute pain in an area aproximately 5×6 inches, i constantly feel a faint urge to vomit i havent as of yet though.

is there is any more information i can supply?

on 2003-11-20 09:56 ]

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    ARGH – so I got my CT scan and it never showed anything. Apparently, the CT scan doesn’t show tendon, ligament, or muscle injury ? I didn’t know that. Maybe I need an MRI ? At least I know my appendix, etc. all look fine. This is SO frustrating. I’ve been dealing with this for months and I think I will go mad.

    Had to vent.

    Not sure what the next step is. I will have a lap in a week but that won’t show sports injury type stuff, just check “female” stuff. At least it’s something. Grrrrr…

    Anyway, no traumatic event, gradual onset. Had every scope last winter (heck of a virus I had there – couldn’t keep food in for a week and had problems longer than that so they checked everything out). I even had IV for fluids, a shot to de-spastic my guts – ewww, it was horrible. I don’t think this is related.

    Can SI joint pain refer this way ? Any pinched nerves refer this way ? I do have point tenderness in the appendix area but not real specific. I have hip bursitis but not disabling so.


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    Smart move getting a CT scan. A real diagnosis is always the safest bet.

    Appendicitis, ileocecal valve issues, ascending colon, superficial or deep soft tissue, referred pain or…

    I am no expert. That is what a good doctor and a CT scan are for!

    Was the pain spontaneous or was there a traumatic injury?

    Have you experienced any changes at all in your bowels? i.e.; constipation, diarrhea, bloody stool, gas or anything else?

    Any fever?

    Point tenderness?

    Tell the Doc!

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!


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    Hey Xrsyzer,
    You sound like you know what you’re talking about. I’ve been watching this post but the original poster hasn’t replied. I have been experiencing such pain in the lower right quadrant with some distension to the right & a little down of my belly button, sometimes nearer my hip bone. It’s ongoing and getting worse. It’s worse on sitting for long periods of time. It’s worse on twisting motions. Anyway, any input you have would be appreciated ! I am (finally) getting a CT scan of the area on Wednesday (2 days). I’ll let you/everyone know what I find out. I did have some nausea a week ago for a few days but I’m not sure if it wasn’t just a flu bug. I’m looking at possible chronic appendix problems, pulled muscle or ligament/tendon problems I suspect. Tired of self diagnosing – glad to finally get the scan !


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    What quadrant of the abdominal region?

    Right upper?
    Left upper?
    Right lower?
    Left lower?

    Very important with your symptoms of nausea.

    Any brusing, bulging, abdominal distention, or other deformities?

    What was the mechanism or action that caused the injury?

    Lots of stuff going on in the abdominal region…



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    The groin/abdomen problem described by Xrsyzer sounds similar to my own. I recently was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. As a male, I don’t think this is easy to happen. Does anyone know of any connection between these abdomenal problems and an infection that could occur in the urinary tract?


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