AC Joint – Me again!!!

Hi there,

I am suffering from an AC joint seperation and am now starting to worry as it doesn’t feel like it will ever get better.

Anybody have any experience of this injury from a chronic point of view as apposed to an acute one?
By that I mean, my shoulder wasn’t injured badly, I suspect it’s only a grade 1 injury, but I have been suffering pain on and off for years and then recently continuously for over a year and a half. The last episode was actually bought on by sleeping on it!!!

Then in January in went. My Physio still thinks it will make a complete recovery, but I am still thinking that if it wouldn’t go away before why should it now???
Only now, because it has been injured, I am suffering alot more. It still hurts to lift my arm, and I can’t do my sport.
After over 3 months I am starting to worry.
Surely I should see more immprovment than I have. I have rested it totally and been having Physio.

Anybody got any oppinions as to whether it’s possible it could clear up and be 100% again???
Any advise would help put my mind at ease.

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