Achilles heal problem???

My son told me that the bone on the outer side of your ankle was the achilles heal, so that’s how I’m referring to the area where I just found swelling today. Do you know why I could have swelling in just this area on each foot? The area that is puffy and swollen is just in front of the outer ankle bone.
Thank you.

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    Your son is incorrect. The area that you are describing sounds like the outsides of your ankles, and the tendons that support them. Your Achilles Tendon is the tendon that people call their “heel cords”, and goes from the bottom of your calf to your heel. Since both of your ankles seem to be swollen, I would suspect that you did something to cause a sort of “overuse injury”. Did you do an extra amount of walking or jogging recently? Even new shoes, especially in women, can cause what you described. If you get any worse, or don’t quickly lost the swelling, you should be evaluated by a doctor to make sure that the swelling in not in both ankles, which could be the result of a more serious medical problem. If you have diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure, you need to tell your doctor about the swelling immediately. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.


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