excercises for a sprained ankle

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Almost a week ago I sprained by right ankle. Today I am able to walk without a problem and the swelling is at a minimum. Unfortanately I am unable to run. I have been told there may be excercises to help me with this problem, but I have never been told what the excercises were and how you perform them. Can you please give me some excercises I can do to help my ankle.

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    I have a severly sprained ankle. Iam now six weeks into recovery but it seems that recovery wants to elude me. I used ice for the swelling at first. than I restricted my activities in t tpre tramatize it. I have done some. minimal. exercises. I still ha ve pain. What to do now. Please advise.

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    Hi…you should not be running on a foot that is still swollen. Give it a few more weeks…use ice and elevation to control the pain and swelling. Exercise for the ankle….ankle pumps…point your toe like a ballerina, then pull your toes up towards your knee…repeat.ankle circles…roll your foot to the left 10-20 times, then to the right. With your foot on a tile floor, place a small towel under your foot. Move your forefoot to the right and then to the left keep the heel in place, kind of like a windshield wiper. Do these about 10-20 reps, wokring up in reps as tolerated. Again, hold the running for now until the swelling is gone. Only run when you have no pain and wear a good support shoe, or even an inversion/eversion brace to prevent re-accurance of strain. Good luck, Mya PT


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    I am creating a walking path for the neighborhood. On the path I plan to have three stations. Can you tell me what top 3 exercizes you would recommend for the public to concentrate on, that you feel would decrease the occurance of the most avoidable injuries? example ankle strengthening injuries to prevent falls…


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