Achillis Tendon/ Posteria Tibialis Tendon Bilateral

In June’99 I strained my achilles tendon and Posteria Tibialis Tendon #Bilateral.
My achilles tendons took between 6-8 weeks to give and I ended up having decompression surgery on the Posteria Tibialis Tendons Bilateral (this was more important at the time than my achilles tedon – I believe that I would not have been able to walk if this was not done!. I have been wearing othodics since sept’99.
My achillies tendons did not settle down and just beofre having to make a decision to have a op on my achillies tendon I was referred to a Podiatrist as a last resort.
He found out that I had less than 5% movement in my ankles.
This was quickly resolved and my achillies tendons settled for the first time in 2.5 years.
I have to visit the podiatrist on a regular basis for bio-chemical treatment to release between 10 to 14 pressure points because my ankles keep locking and I get bands that have a knock on effect.
I am very active – will I be able to ever be as physical as I was – I used to do a lot of running.
At the mo I riding a mountain bike because after running about .5 mile every other day for 3 days my achilles tendons start and my ankles lock,

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    hello, i’m a competitive squash player. i’ve been feeling pain just above the anckel in about 15 cm length. I was worried what this pain might be, coz I know that the tendon is either down the calf or in front of the leg. what’s this part above the anckel that i’m causing me this pain? furthermore the pain only comes when i’m training, it’s like a cramp. during the games I don’t feel the pain much. Can u plaese help me?


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