ankle tendon too short

my 10 year old was diagnosed with his tendon being too short on one of his legs–this causes him to want to walk on his toes. He’s a very good soccer player, but the pain gets in his way. What kind of pad would you recommend?

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    helloand sorry to borth you but I came across you where I was looking for some information about short tendon as my little baby sister has just been digknowsed with a short tendon but has to have another load more test because the said that there is a reason for this and they think it might be cystic fibrosis or a brain tumear. did you have any of this with your son? she is excalty the same walks on the tops of her feet with her toes cerreld forwards . I hope you don’t mind me askin about this but my sister was diagknowsed 3 days ago. how is your son now? does he have anyother probles. plz replay back thank you jamie


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