Bakers Cyst?

Was on my bike trainer at home, the Turbo Trainer type using my actual road bike, and after 1hr gentle endurance training I hopped off and as I was performing hamstring stretches and found a bump behind my left knee. It is not huge, and does not hurt, but is definately there, and has remained there for over a week now resting it. I admit it does feel kind of “tight” but no actual pain. Bakers Cyst? Immagination? I have been increasing seat hight incrementally as I’ve been getting used to this bike, perhaps I went to far and was hyper-extending the joint a little on the down-stroke? I have noticed some mild numbness of left foot during training and imagined this was due to the new seat and also foot angle on the cleat, which I adjusted and it improved, but perhaps this points to a deeper issue?

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