I have questioning regarding a recent injury while playing basketball.
The injury to my right arm happened while trying to force a fast underhand shot and was met by another player with even greater force square on the ball causing my arm to be forced down while my bicep and the rest of my body continued upward.
Immediate pain but I have done a similar thing in the past, shook it off and continued with no further problems besides soreness for a short time. ( I”m 41 now ) Stopped playing, went home used ice and ibuprofen for a couple of days. Certain movements sent shooting pain up my arm and other times it didn’t’ hurt at all. Any twising of the hand was painful in a motion putting pressure also on the upper arm. Turning a can opener was painful.
Week later… almost back to normal.
Went rollerblading on a the strand, slipped while hardly goiing anywher, put my hands out… had wrist guard on. Broke my fall on my hands and arm just exploded with pain.
Same place but 10x more pain than originally., ibu, 4 days dark bruiles on the inside forearm and and even darker one above inside elbow below forearm.
Swelling for almost 2 weeks. Now, while no pain or loss of mobility my right bicep does not flex fully to top of arm like left arm when flexed in classic bicep flex.
There is also a “knot” where bruising primarily occured. From my conversations with others that unfortunately sounds to me like it may point to a tear of sorts. Ligament, tendon, musclel I don’t know.
I’d like your opinion about what this injury may have done, what steps are necessary to correct this and what I should do or avoid doing in the future.
Your opinion is greatly appreciated…. Lenny Garifo [email protected]

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    You need to see an Orthopedist ASAP to rule out a tear of your biceps tendon: if you do have an acute tear, the Othhopedist might be able to re-attatch your tendon if you get to him soon enough (otherwise the tendon will recede and shrivel up, and will not be able to be re-attatched). Please try to see an Orthopedist immediately, and then let us know his diagnosis. If you do not have a complete tear, ask for a referral to a Physical Therapist who will be able to help you with rehabilitation. Good luck.


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