big toe severe pain

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I got a bump on tip of my big toe. Below my toenail but above where my foot touched the floor. It wont go away, it hurts severely, if hit it a scream for about 10 min adn see stars adn that is if I barely hit it.
It looks Like a wart, but have soaked it, and wont go away, have even tried digging it out adnwont go away. doesn’t puss or bleed, but does have circular look to it and goes fairly deep. it isnt on the toop of my toe and not under my toe it is at the very tip of my toe. I about can’t wear shoes anymore. Anyone have an idea as to what this may be or what the cause is?
thanks for any help.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing this I can’t be sure. Many times this is an osteochondroma- a cartilage benign tumor. It usually requires surgery. You should see a podiatrist.


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    HelloI know what u r saying, when u say you can hardly wear shoes, I am like that, but it is cause my big toe, feels crowded when I wear closed shoes and it asks me to pop the joint in the toe, it is so annoying I am at my wits end. I think it is arthritis, but no Doctor can assure, it is so frustrating.. thankx


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