broken 5th metatarsal?

Three weeks ago I broke the 5 metatarsal bone in my foot. Went to tmy family Dr. and had x ray. Dr. taped foot, advised no pressure for 2 weeks, and re x ray. Had no pain or tenderness after a couple of days, still stayed on crutches. Second x ray showed absolutely no healing. My Dr. was stumped, and refered me to orthopedic surgeon, go next Tuesday. I remembered that about 30 years ago I ran over the same foot,causing the same pain and swelling as this time, only being a dumb kid I didn’t do anything about it, just stayed off for a couple of days and limped around for several weeks. Could the break shown be damage that never healed correctly from the incident 30 years ago? I don’t understand why it shows no healing, yet I have no pain or tenderness. Although I still use crutches religiously, I did attempt to put weight on the foot and felt no pain whatsoever. I have zero health problems, eat healthy (mostly), and don’t understand why there has been no sigh of healing

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I can[‘t give you the assurance you want about this. I really would need to see the x-ray and your foot. There could be many reasons- starting with the original diagnosis, the x-rays and the follow up x-rays. Were they taken correctly? I think it is wise to stay off it until you know more about what is going on.


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