broken clavical

I broke my left clavical when a horse fell wth me at a gallop, I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon, the break is bad and I just turned 50, but am in extremely good shape. The bones are very far apartI am wearing a clavical brace and it is two weeks are supplements effective, I spin and work out six days a weeks also lift weights, I don’t know if I should resume or if there is any other support or brace that works

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    It’s only been 2 weeks??? You should not be lifting that arm more than 90 degrees at the shoulder and DO NOT LIFT WEIGHTS!!! What did your ortho tell you to do..or not do? If the bones are “very far apart” you have quite the fracture. Is your ortho going to repair it? I would ask your doc when it’s ok to lift weight, etc.


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