Broken Heel Bone

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About a week and a half ago, my mom slipped off a curb and broke her heel (calcaneus)bone.
She is currently in a cast, waiting for the results of a bone scan.
She is experiencing burning pain in the arch of her foot, along with tingiling and numbness.
She is also having pain that starts in the heel and radiates both up the back of her leg and out through her foot to her toes.
We have tried both ice and heat, and nothing seems to help.
Even the pain pills the Orthopedic Dr. perscribed don’t help. (Darvocet) Is there anything else we can do?
Her dr just keeps saying to keep it up and stay off of it (non weight baring) which she has been, and it doesn’t help…
The pain is unbearable.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    A TENS or Galvanic Stimulator such as a SPORTX from Rehabilicare can be very helpful in these situations. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about getting one of this devices.


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    I broke my heel about two weeks ago after a fall from about 12 feet. I was in a splint for about 5 days and am now in a hard cast. What is the normal recovery time for a broken heel?When will I be able to have a boot cast and at least walk on the heel?Generally, are there any long-lasting effects? Thanks!


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