5wks & still in severe pain

I fell after missing the curb in a parking garage 5wks ago and hurt my ankle pretty bad. It swelled up right away and I was in awful pain. I don’t cry much but I was close to tears for 3 days then finally saw the dr. He was rude and in a rush. He told me just to walk on it after taking an x-ray and said it wasn’t broken. I told him in tears that I was in such pain and it hurt. He finally gave me crutchs and pain pills. The pills were so strong they made me throw up. I used the crutchs for awhile then tried to walk yet it still hurt so bad. I feel like pins and needles going up my leg. I was able to walk for a bit with just one crutch and for a day or two I walked without a crutch but still limped. The day of Christmas my ankle swelled up again and I was in awful pain. I am now back on the crutchs. At night my foot feels like it is in a bucket of ice. I try to walk but I get tingling up my leg. My ankle it very tender to the touch. I have pain up the back of my foot and on th!e sides where the tendons are. I have pain up to my knee sometimes. If I don’t keep my ankle proped up blood rushes to it and it turns all red and swells a bit. Then it is throbbing. I have now put an air cast on it which I got years ago when I hurt it. My main concerns and worries are the coldness in it, at times it is feels numb and the pins and needles feeling I get in it. We can not afford another dr. From what I have read this is a 3rd degree ankle sprain and can take months to heal. I have 3 kids and I homeschool. I have been unable to care for them and the house! I try my best to walk on it but like I said it hurts so bad. Can anyone help me? Please e-mail me personally at: [email protected] Ashley

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry the doctor was rude to you. Certainly, not every doctor is the same. From your description, you have some soft tissue injury, possibly ligamnet or tendon or even nerve injury based on your description of the tingling and coldness. I recommend you see another doctor either a podiatrist or orthopedist. Ask around for recommendations, or call your local podiatric medical society. If you have an insurance plan, call them and ask for a referral. You really should have this looked at soon. Good luck.


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