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Dr. Abrahms:I fractured my L. 5th metatarsal on Dec. 13th by inverting my ankle sharply causing a “pop” in my foot. According to my Orthopedic Dr., it is classified as “benign”.
Looking at the X-Rays, you cannot noticed anything on the A-P view however, on the lateral view a slight fracture line with what seems to look like a small chip off the bone was presented at the base right near the cuboid. The Dr. opted not to put a cast on but his orders were to Ace wrap it for one week while wearing a post-op shoe, then just to wear a substantial sock (thorlo-like) with the boot.
I was instructed to use my crutches and bear weight as tolerated for three weeks.
My appt. is tomorrow: (1/8/04).
What my concerns are:There is a sideways pertrusion of the exact area of fracture resembling a bunion that has been appararent since the time of injury.
It has gone done in size slightly (approximately 25%) as of today. It is tender to the touch, but not painful.
I also still have some bruising up by my 2nd & 3rd metatarsal ends. I feel a click as I try to wiggle my toes up and down.
When I wrapped my foot, this area felt like pins and needles when I tried to wiggle my toes in that fashion.
My use of cruthes has quite franckly been poor.
I’ve been hobbling around on my injured foot (slowly), bearing weight on the inside of my foot to avoid any pain.
If I try to walk in a normal fashion, my foot’s function in the process feels disoriented and still unstable.
I am unable to put an equal distribution of weight on both feet w/o feeling pain in my injured foot.Are there any concerns or questions you feel I should raise to my Dr. tomorrow?
Thank you.~Angela


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    After getting re x-rayed, you need to see how your healing has progressed. I think you need to be up front about your limited use of crutches. Then ask your questions.


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    Dr. Abrams,
    Thank you for your response. My Dr. did not order an X-Ray. He simply evaluated my foot (physically) and asked what % improvement by way of pain. I stated 40%; he ordered another 3 wks of sedentary work; then another recheck. He did however mandate to do away w. post op shoe and instead resort to a rugged semi-stiff shoe that allowed for some flexion… such as the opposing Timberland boot I was wearing. I’m walking on it as tolerated; then resorting to crutches as needed. Again, your response was greatly appreciated. Hopefully, the Dr.’s allowance of weight bearing will not hinder the healing process.


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