Broken metatarsal head

I broke my third metatarsal head a few months ago, but the fracture was not discovered until 3 months later (6 weeks ago). By then the fracrure was healed but because of the constant prassure ( i’m a soloist dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet) the joint head has healed with a slight deformaty. The bone has also thickened which leaves me some pain under the ball of the foot, just where the third metatarsal head is.
I am of course seeing a doctor here but I wonder if you have anything more to reccomend in pressure reducing insoles especially for my ballet shoes which are very tightly fitted canvas with thin leather sole. In other words I don’t get a lot of support from them but I need an insole that can’t be too hard since it has to bend with my foot and not too thick since it has to fit in my shoe, but still give maximum support and reduce pressure under the third metatarsal head.
I have tried a couple of insoles here but because of the thickening of the bone the pressure always goes to the damaged joint first before the other ones and that causes the pain.
I would appreciate it a lot if you could give it a thought and get back to me with what you think would be best suited.
Thank you in advance, Tim Matiakis

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    First, I do not sellthe products you see on these pages. The ads belong to the site host. Having said that, in reading what you posted, I think a Silipos universal gel pad or their Ball O’ Foot cushion might be helpful, but I really can’t say for sure. Good Luck.


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