Broken tibia and fibula

I was playing in a football game 20 days ago and I took a hit to my lower left leg and suffered a fracture to my fibula that wasn’t a clean brake at all and I had a fracture to the bottom of my tibia. I had a plate put on each of the brakes and I had 6 screws put on the fibula and 2 on the tibia. I had the surgery 10 days ago and am in a splint type of wrap. I am 17 years old and I was wondering what you thought the recovery time would be for someone my age with this type of brake. thank you for your help. p.s. I have basketball season starting in about 2 months. do you think I will be ready to play any time soon?

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    I broke both sides of my ankle back in Jan. I had my 1st surgery March 5th, I broke the tibia completely off, there is a screw and a wire holding it back in place. And the outter side I broke at a diagnal, so there is a plate and 7 screws. The Doc allowed me to put weight on it in May. I was giving a boot, but I seem to always have problems around the tibia area. I had a 2nd surgery Aug 30th,they removed 2 of the screws that was holding the 2 bones together,because when I broke it the bones were seperated and I messed up the joint also. I always have alot of swelling,the doc says its normal for it to swell 6-12 months after the surgery.Will my ankle ever be normal again? I broke it dancing at home.Will I ever be able to dance again and wear hills?And what are my chances of breaking it again?I’m only 28 and this was my 1st broken bone ever.How long does it really take to make a full recovery?


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